Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ebay Global Shipping Program Review

Ebay has just recently started a new program for U.S.A sellers called Global Shipping Program. What its for is U.S.A sellers to sell internationally & ebay to charge the buyer the customs & duty fees. Ebay wanted to make it better for U.S.A sellers to sell internationally to prevent the buyer getting mad about maybe having customs/dutys fee's at package pickup.

Ebay partnered with Pitney Bowes which is the company which calculates the customs/duty fees for international buyers buying from U.S.A sellers. Ebay & Pitney Bowes calculations for customs/duty fee's are way off the charts. For example of an actual sale: 2 cells phones shipping for USA to Canada using USPS & Canada Post. Now normally the customs/duty's fee's would be small ($20) or nothing. Ebay & Pitney Bowes calculated & charged $70.00 on top of the shipping cost.

The way I see it Ebay & Pitney Bowes are taking a profit of $50 on that order at the least. This is a really bad move for Ebay. International sales will drop big time. There are already ton of people pissed off & ranting all over the net on ebay forms & other non-ebay forms.

U.S.A sellers don't have to use this program. They can op-out of it, but as it looks 90% of U.S.A sellers use it at the moment.

So if your not from the U.S.A don't buy from U.S.A sellers using this program unless you want to get screwed over by the huge import costs.

U.S.A sellers stop using this program. Do research before you agree to stupid programs like this.

***If you want to tell people about your horrible experience you had with the global shipping program you can email to me for review & if approved I will add it to this post for others to read. You can email me by using the email link in the Links List on the right***